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maxand west is a dynamic resourceful and professional firm which provides engineering project execution in GSM and CDMA in nigeria. We have carved a niche within the telecommunication industry as capable hands in providing services for our clients.

IT Services

We can deploy, maintain & perform Upgrades in major, telecommunication and information technology sector with professional services and consulting including:

  • GSM/CDMA Site construction
  • RBs Integration
  • RF, RBS, BTS Installaion & Supervision
  • GSM/CDMA BTS Site Installation & supervision
  • RF Installation(Single/Dual Band & Omni Anthenas)
  • Towers & Mast Structural Installation
  • Containerized equipment installation
  • Earthen System
  • High security fencing and walling systems
  • Anti fuel theft solutions
  • Rectifier Installations
  • Wireless Installation Network
  • Local/Wide Area Network
  • Fiber Optics Deployment
  • Cell site maintainance

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