AboutMax & West

MAX & WEST - Import & Export of Consumer Products

MAX & WEST is committed to providing innovative solutions to help our clients drive effective marketing programs with quantifiable return on investment in conjuction with end users of their products. We distribute a broad range of consumer packaged goods and offer services, specifically designed for Top manufacturers and retailers.

MAX & WEST operate in the fast moving consumer goods market using advanced, real time insight. We on the other hand, work with our clients to develop operational strategies that help them solve their most critical operational issues in manufacturing, procurement, service operations, product development, supply chain management and more.

Facilities Management

Max & West is a management consulting firm advising companies on their Real Estate and Facilities Management (REFM) functions.
Max & West’s experienced consultants bring mature analytical tools, in-depth market research and refined technology solutions to help our clients address the need to deliver increased efficiency, costs reductions and the levels of performance required in today’s demanding business environment.

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